Thinking of going solar

This page is for anyone who wants to install solar but is lost where to start and what to look for.
Solar cannot be installed just because you have a lot of space and money. Let’s investigate the requirements to Go Solar.

Installer Site visit

Once you have decided to go Solar, the first person you will talk to is a solar installer. The installer before giving you any quote, will first visit your site to analyse the following:

  • Space
  • Energy consumption
  • Billing structure – what tariff is your business/house on?
  • The plant size depending on the space and energy.
  • Approximate ROI

Energy Required

To decide how much solar is required for a building,
We should first know it’s energy requirement and the time during which there is load. For example, a building that consumes 100kWh/Units will need at least 25kW solar plant to satisfy all its load from solar. And if the same energy requirement is going to happen during the evening or during the night when there is no sun then the generated solar energy is sent to grid and is taken back during the night (Netmetering)

Space required

A common thumb rule to understand how much solar can be installed was calculated using a 1kW plant. That is, 1kW solar plant needs 10 sqm.
For example, a conventional solar panel of 250 WP requires 2 sqm space each, thereby; utilizing 4 such panels and 8 sqm space. The 2 sqm is a buffer space for maintenance.
Now a days, we even get 400 WP solar panels. Which means we can generate the same energy in a lesser space.

Average cost and payback period

The initial investment for the solar plant is expensive. Depending on the electricity charge subsidies from government and plant degradation factors one can calculate his Return on Investment (ROI).

Approval from the Grid Operator

Once the energy and space requirement has been calculated, you will have to get the approval from the grid operator.

Think 25

Once all the above boxes are checked, the next important factor is to THINK 25.

So, what does Think 25 mean?

When installing a solar plant, always keep in mind, we are building something to last for the next 25 years. Never compromise on the QUALITY, even if you are on a limited budget, make sure to go for Premium brands. Always choose brands that have been in the market for quite sometime and will also last for the coming years to provide support when needed.


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