A Solar Generation Graph

A friend of mine shared me his generation graph and asked me what was going wrong in his solar plant. He told me this is one of the normal days and generation of the inverter is low

Heres the pic

As soon as you see the pic, the curve looked very smooth during the first half of the day and then it suddenly drops to half the generation. When this happens in a solar plant, there can be only one reason to it which is Shade. The solar plant is completely shadeless until 13.00hrs and then comes the issue.

To get a clear idea of what was happening I asked for the direct current graph and it was sent to me.

Here is the graph which shows two MPPTs of the inverter which drops in current on the second half of the day. When there is shade the current of the MPPT drops. Hence it was concluded saying it was the shade which was causing the issue.

    More details about the shade which was analysed from the graph.
  1. The shade starts to fall on the modules after 13.00 Hrs.
  2. The shading object is located on the western side of the solar plant.
  3. The shade keeps growing on the modules hence reducing the generation proportionately.